Entry #1

I need Voice Actors

2014-01-01 10:36:50 by HagenWolfhowl

Hello everyone, I make animations in spanish, I'm still not that good, but I'm really trying to be a great animator, I want to make english versions of some of my animations, I can't pay you or anything, but if you want to help me that would be great, ok bye...


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2014-02-09 00:29:22

I'd like to help. I responded to your message. Get back to me whenever you can. :)


2014-07-31 05:18:18

I too wouldn't mind helping. :) contact me anytime.

HagenWolfhowl responds:

Hey, do you have a demo or something? :)


2014-08-01 00:33:28

I'd love to help out!

HagenWolfhowl responds:

Do you have a demo reel or something? :p


2014-08-01 07:07:04

Am happy to help should you need a voice actress!

HagenWolfhowl responds:

Your voice is really cute, I would love to work with you :3


2014-08-03 17:30:22

if you need a voice, let me know :)

HagenWolfhowl responds:

I sure will :)


2014-08-04 00:43:01

I'm good at translating, hablo espanol e ingles fluidamente, and I also know a guy who really, really wants to voice act. Lemme know if yer interested.

HagenWolfhowl responds:

I also speak both languages, I don't really need help with the translations but thanks anyway, you should tell your friend to contact me.


2014-08-04 12:41:38

No es que yo sirva,pero como no tengo cuenta de youtube te queria decir aqui que tus videos son muy buenos.eso es todo


2014-08-04 16:44:01

If you need a voice actor let me know

HagenWolfhowl responds:

Sure, but do you have a demo or something where I can hear your voice acting?


2014-08-04 17:02:39

I'm happy to help if you need a voice actor

HagenWolfhowl responds:

Thanks, I would appreciate if you can send me a demo or something :)


2014-08-05 02:06:32

Hey man if you want I can help you in one of your videos :D


2014-08-05 20:52:21

I have a mic and I liked your first video. If we can talk on skype or something I would like to help.


2014-08-29 12:07:36

Hey I just watched your spider man video it was great. I will voice some stuff for you just message me the details. If you did not guess I am a voice actor.

HagenWolfhowl responds:

I sent you an email :)


2014-12-09 14:58:51

Hola. I do it. :]


2014-12-10 15:05:55

I'd be glad to help. Soy bilingue tambien y ya he ayudado a otros en proyectos similares.


2015-02-24 05:41:32


HagenWolfhowl responds:

Your voice is amazing, dude!


2016-05-24 22:28:41

I'm down! Check my demo reel, but I can do more voices. (PS: I'm not the official voice for Kermit, but it's an impression) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0_ARFf6UTo

I'd love to do some voices for ya.

HagenWolfhowl responds:

Thanks, I'll cast you soon!


2017-10-24 17:50:05

I'm a few years late but if you still going at it I'll help it if I can!